Trams industrial instrumentation

Trams instrumentation technologies is involved in the procurement supply and commissioning of various products in particular power generation and petro-chemical industries. We will where need be partner with other entities for projects that are of specialist nature, so as to offer maximum benefits to our clients. Trams Instrumentation strives to offer the shortest turnaround times and cost effective supply of required products.

• Gas detectors, Dragger/Honeywell-Fixed/stationary
• Single gas detectors
• Multi gas
• High end Ph. meters
• Precision mass balances
• Hydraulic Pellet Press.
• Thermo gravimetric analysers.
• Ash Probes
• Tube expanders
• Airflow
• Precision alignment
• Corrosion testers
• Hardness testers
• Mercury analysers
• Multi-meters
• Infra-red cameras
• Oil testers
• Oil analysers

Trams Imports and exports

Trams imports and exports aims to have a seamless connection, in both the importation of instrumentation equipment and exportation of the same, we have clearing facilities and are arranging better rates with major airlines to fascilitate transportation. We are in a position to receive, clear and send goods anywhere, but notably we are concentrating in the Sadc and African markets for distribution.

• Airfreight to regional and African countries
• To countries within Sadc and African continent
• Daily overnight to Sadc
• Breakbulk cargo to regional countries
• Clearing services of Imported/Exported goods.
• Road freight for less urgent cargo
• Consolidation of cargo to regional countries.
• Airfreight-normal and consolidated
• Express Airfreight for very urgent cargo
• Logistics local and international
• Road-freight services to all SADC and major African countries
• Door to Door or Door to Airport services
• Road-freight Documentation

Brief History

Trams instrumentation was formed in 2005 as Trams imports and exports, it was with in ingenuity that the company incorporated clearing and procurement into its services so as to offer a one stop shop for clients Procure, clear, and distribute in particular in the instrumentation sector. We strive to be a preferred service provider of choice for our clients.